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About the Steam edition

On top of the regular mobile features, the Steam edition features advanced graphics effects to make it an even more unique experience on PC/MAC. Thanks to the power of computers, compared to mobile devices, we've been able to make Tokaido an even more fluid and visually appealing experience.

This video will show you the computer version with the use of a subtle motion blur on the camera and the moving parts of the game, added to a full antialised render mode to bring smoothness and fluidity to the parts in motion.


Here are some screenshots of the Steam version with a focus on the look and feel itself.

In these pictures (which are in-game footage), you can notice the use of bloom and depth of field to push even further the cute, dreamy look of the game.

You'll find all the regular features of the mobile edition of the game, such as:

Several play modes for infinite replayability!

Already available in 9 languages:

Of course, the Steam edition of the game is cross-platform with the mobile version, meaning that:

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