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In search of the holy grail: the future of Camelot lies in the hands of the knights and magicians Berlin, spring 2022. 
Preparations are being made at Camelot Castle. 
Because one does not give up here and so the search for the holy grail is up again. In order to finally be successful this 
time, King Arthur and his closest confidante, the magician Merlin, have forged a bold plan: knights and magicians should 
work together and thus combine the greatest strengths of the court. 
And since competition is a well-known incentive, several retinues are sent out. 
For them it is important to master challenges and to uncover secrets in the country as well as on Camelot in order to finally
uncover the greatest secret - the holy grail.

The magic number seven determines the playing time of The Future of Camelot, in which two to five people try to earn the most points.

Because seven rounds are played before it shows whether the Holy Grail has been found. Each round is divided into five phases: the preparation, sending out the knights, predictions, completing the missions and the end of the round. The game is played in the notorious Camelot throne room, four adjoining rooms and the hinterland.

At the end of five games there is also a secret room to discover. Each player has an entourage, consisting of knights and a magician, with whom the search for the holy grail begins. First of all, preparations are underway - mission cards are laid out for everyone. Then all players secretly think about how many knights they would like to send on which mission, whereupon the magicians show their skills. They prophesy how many knights were sent out in total.

The magician who best proves his magic ability enables the preferred selection of the mission and earns victory points. The knights then complete the chosen missions one after the other. So you can train yourself on the training ground, compete in tournaments, take part in the famous round table, court the queen in the ballroom, find spiritual redemption in the chapel or search for secret knowledge in the library. Every action drives the search for the holy grail. But Camelot is not only harmonious and intrigues are spun and even a rebellion is instigated.


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