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Simultaneously with the January 2020 digital release of Terminator: Dark Fate​, the latest instalment on the Terminator film franchise, River Horse is launching their Terminator: Dark Fate, the Card Game.

Produced under licence from Paramount Pictures and Skydance, Terminator: Dark Fate, the Card Game is a co-operative deck-building game in which players work together to try and defeat the unfeeling Rev-9. The game features hundreds of exciting on-screen shots, immersing the players fully into the action of the movie, in what is a truly cinematic experience.

Players will scramble for resources and weapons so they can fend off the Terminator long enough to find some way to destroy it. Each time the Rev-9 finds you marks an important decision: you must choose whether you will flee or whether you will fight. Fighting is dangerous, as it allows the Rev-9 to inflict crippling wounds on your deck, but if you flee without doing enough damage, you know that the Rev-9 is waiting just around the corner.
Will you join the fight against the machines? The game is available in game stores and on the River Horse website here.   For more information, please contact us at

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