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Spiel! Con Report

After an epic 10-hour road trip across Europe, Rob, Wiggy, and Myles (our volunteer) arrived at Spiel! This was our first time at the show and we had no idea what to expect. So what did we find there? Hundreds of companies selling their wares, and many tens of thousands of gamers looking for the best games money could buy!

Four days with just three staff was an exhausting experience, but it was a fantastic show. Halfling Feast proved especially popular, with Cadaver coming a close second. The Ironclads models attracted a lot of attention, with lucky gamers able to walk away with a preview launch pack, allowing them to start playing without having to create the models first.

Spiel! isn't just a show for consumers - it's also a place for companies to talk business. New contacts were made across Europe, and there are some exciting things on the horizon for us.

Of course, there is more to just selling and negotiating going on. Old friendships were cemented (through beer, food, and humor), new friendships forged (you can see Wiggy talking to some of our new Dutch friends in the photo below), and faces put to names we'd only previously known only from the internet. Thanks to everyone who came to the stand or who we gamed with at the guesthouse - you really helped make the show for us!

Finally, a huge thanks goes to Myles. Before the show, he was just a customer we'd met a few times. By the end of the show, he'd become a friend for life and a valued member of the TAG family.

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