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December has dawned. Another year flown by at TAG Tower and just a few weeks to go before we commence our annual shut down of the office, force feed the minions so they can survive without us during the holidays, and stick up the token decoration in the office.

Next year, every newsletter is going to carry the TAG Talk banner. The first issue of each month will continue to carry the Current Projects section.

But before then let's add some festive cheer by showcasing some of the projects we will be unleashing in 2019!

Viking Dice II  

We've had a lot of requests for more of these unique dice. We've listened and we'll be launching a new Kickstarter for Viking Dice II in January 2019!


When we launched the original Viking Dice we had some manufacturing delays. We've spent all of 2018 ironing out design issues, getting production samples, and completing extensive testing and development for Viking Dice II. This means that we should not have any production issues going forward. The designs have been tweaked, the sizing has been dialled in, and this new set of dice is truly awesome!


We've also included a brand new type of dice that can be added to your set! The Valhalla D6 Die is designed for all styles of gaming and especially wargamer's who like their pips over numbers! You'll be able to pledge for these sets in the Kickstarter and each set contains 10 dice. We've also commissioned All Rolled Up to make a small number of Viking Dice ARU's, but be warned these are going to be a very limited run!

As a deluxe pledge you can have your dice delivered in a fully custom dice bag featuring the unique knot design.

And finally on offer will be a custom dice tray for rolling your unique Viking Dice!

We'll be launching the Viking Dice II on 21st January 2019 so be ready when it goes live!

Ironclads: Space Battles in the Victorian Aether

We've been talking about this project in our newsletters for a good couple of years. We've taken the time to develop this game and we are super proud of the results. It's not quite finished yet, but 2019 will see its premier as a Kickstarter campaign later in the year. The core game features three factions - British, German, and USA.

Each faction has four ship models that can be 3D printed - that's 12 unique ship designs for players to build for their fleets! The game comes with a core rules book featuring all new rules for space battles in a Victorian period and a Fleet Manual for each faction. All this plus weapons and defences, asteroids, and all the tokens needed to play the game! Look for Ironclads in 2019!

Further Tabletop Projects

Rob's been busy developing a number of board and card games and 2019 is looking exciting for new releases. We'll bring you more details as we have them over the next 12 months!

Just to remind everyone that our Exploriana board game kickstarter ends in a few hours - we've unlocked 12 stretch goals and have over 400 backers - so don't miss out on this game!

Exploriana Kickstarter


The following projects are on the Guaranteed list due to being successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns or already written by Wiggy.

All for One Second Edition (Savage Worlds Adventure Edition)

Codicil ( Leagues of Cthulhu)

Ghost Writer (Leagues of Gothic Horror)

Satan's Playground (Ubiquity)

Appendices for Leagues of Adventure, Gothic Horror, and Cthulhu (we have around a dozen written, edited, and laid out)

The projects below are on the Hoping to Publish list. There are no fixed dates for when they might be published, or even if 2019 will be the year they launch, but they're all things we're excited about working on.

Cutthroats & Cthulhu (Ubiquity)

Globetrotter's Guide to Cairo (Leagues universe)

Guides to Walking Dead (with art), Faeries, and Hags (Leagues of Gothic Horror - all written)

War of the Worlds 2 (Leagues of Adventure - working title)






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