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Hellfrost City Book 6: Cities of Trade

The Hellfrost City Book Kickstarter (launched back in 2016) proved popular with fans and the TAG Team alike. The first five books greatly expanded on the lore of nine cities and came with full-color maps of each settlement. Today we're announcing City Book 6: Cities of Trade!

This 32-page, saddle-stitched color book will explore the cities of Halfway (where money talks and corruption is rife) and Glassport (Aspiria's largest port, famed for its glassware). Wiggy has finished the write-up for Halfway and the boys are discussing the map later today. We're hoping to show you the final map next week, then it's onto Glassport and it's colorful nightlife.

Start saving your gold scields, folks!

Exploriana Board Game Launches on Kickstarter 24th April

We are just a couple of weeks away from launching the Exploriana Kickstarter. We hope you'll come and pledge for a copy of this awesome push your luck game!

Exploriana Coming to Kickstarter

UK Games Expo

With UK Games Expo just around the corner we are today announcing a brand new card game - AARU.

This new game is the brainchild of awesome game designer David Mortimer. In this trick taking card game each player represents an Egyptian god trying to draw as many souls to their afterlife as possible. Winning tricks gains you souls and, you guessed it, the player with the largest number of souls wins! The game has a twist on the traditional trick taking mechanic - in AARU players have a hidden card whose value they have to discover in play.

Drop by the TAG stand at UK Games Expo to try out this cool mini game, which will also be available to buy!




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