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Do you need to hide your adventure notes from players or find a table in a hurry? Would your players rather look at something other than your face? You need the Hellfrost Gamemaster Screen!

Constructed from 2mm card, the GM screen is four-panel, portrait aspect (not landscape, like we said last week). The players' side shows some of the glorious art you expect from the setting, while the GM's side has essential tables.

Bundled with the screen is an exclusive 32-page booklet - Hellfrost Journeys. This comic-book format supplement looks at ways of spicing up land and sea journeys, collects all the travelling rules together (and updates them), and gives advice on running encounters. It's the perfect companion to the Hellfrost Atlas and Map Sheets.

You can check out the campaign preview here.

LAUNCHES 17th JULY 2017 - runs for 14 days

IMPORTANT: The tables are Hellfrost specific. We do not own the rights to the core Savage Worlds rules and thus cannot duplicate tables from that book.

SS Codex III ppc 3d


The third in the Adventure Codex series, the Sundered Skies manual collects existing adventures and setting material into one handy volume. Weighing in at 292 pages, this hardcover book contains many months worth of adventuring material!

In addition to the adventures, the book contains two products never previously available in print format - Island Guide #1: Gateway and Island Guide #2: The Shattered City.

Finally, there is the Savage Worlds Deluxe Conversion Guide, bringing the Skies up to the current rules.

This book contains the following adventures: The Ice Tower, Fate of The Summoner, Blade of Destiny, The Race, Mindthief, Mists of Savannah, Festival of Madness, and Four Perilous Ruins.

Available to preorder from the Triple Ace Games store now.



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