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Staxel is the fourth (of five) titles that Humble Bundle is bringing to Gamescom through their “Presented by Humble Bundle” publishing and funding initiative for indie developers. 

Developed by Plukit — a studio founded by former Starbound programmer Bart van der Werf and artist SteampunkStein — Staxel is a voxel-based sandbox farming game inspired by Minecraft and town-life classics such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. As the newest resident of a rustic village, players put down roots into a new life as a farmer. Carefully tend to your farm to make it grow, improve your property’s looks and take care of your animals — the more work you put in, the more rewards you’ll receive! 

Villages are filled with colorful characters with whom you can socialize with between online multiplayer sessions with your friends, unlocking rewards to help develop your land into a thriving farmstead. When not farming, enjoy fun hobbies like fishing, catching bugs and cooking! In Staxel, you shape the world around you how you see fit, with your creativity being the number one tool for the job!

Staxel will be available in January 2018 for Windows PC. Staxel - Sprout Edition, an early version of the game, is now available for $15.00.

Key Features: 


Preview a brand new hands-on version of Staxel exclusively at Gamescom that includes new seasons, village extensions and more advanced food and building materials!

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