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Flight into Space

Pegasus Spiele and Edition Spielwiese introduce intergalactic card game Space Dragons


Following the huge success of Edition Spielwiese´s MicroMacro: Crime City, the Pegasus Spiele publishing partner releases a new family game: Space Dragons. In this intergalactic trick-taking card game players set off into space as dragon hunters.

Space Dragons is an outstanding trick-taking game for three to five players ten years and up. Everyone first assembles their crew of aliens via card drafting, and then uses them to go hunt dragons in space! Whoever plays the highest card in a round captures the dragon on display, but also may get damage to their ship — such as from the “accidental” shots of other hunters. Cards with low values often have strong effects to repair your ship or add shields, while high value cards sometimes come with negative impacts. Cards can also contribute to crew morale and other aspects that factor into victory conditions — and once played, the effects on cards apply for the rest of the game. There’s a fixed number of dragons available in each hunt, making things go quickly.

Winning this family game by designer Richi Haarhoff demands you to balance positive points such as those gained from successful captures against negatives like ship damage, making each fast-paced game a challenge both in drafting your crew and then utilizing their various skills and abilities on the hunt. Just like the award-winning MicroMacro: Crime City, Space Dragons is another perfect game for families or as a fast session on friendly game nights.

Space Dragons is now available in Europe and the US.

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