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snakebyte presents intelligent charging solutions for Nintendo Switch Controller

The annoying cable tangle when charging the Nintendo Switch Controllers disappears forever in the drawer with the compact charging stations DUAL CHARGE:BASE S™ and ARROW:CHARGE S™ from snakebyte. The stylish chargers are a must-have for fans of the Nintendo console and give each controller its own fixed place on the shelf.

The DUAL CHARGE:BASE S™ meets all the charging needs of Nintendo switch owners. The compact station charges both a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and 2 additional Joy-Cons wirelessly. In addition, it offers space for the Nintendo Switch Docking Station, from which it also receives its power via USBC cable. The ten favourite games of the gamers find their place in the integrated game holder. The compact all-rounder shows the charging status of the controllers via the integrated LED display.

If you want to have it even more compact, the snakebyte ARROW:CHARGE S™ is just right for you. The small charging station with the unusual arrow design charges one Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and up to four Joy-Con Controllers simultaneously. At the corners of the ARROW:CHARGE S™ there are 5 two-colored status LED lights, which indicate at any time whether the controllers are charging or already charged. All controllers can be charged at the same time, so that the players never have to wait long for new game fun. The station is powered by an included USB-C port.

With snakebyte and the Nintendo Switch, things are now getting sporty. Fans of the Ring Fit Adventures are now equipped with new accessories to start their sporty adventures even easier. The RING:KIT S™ contains 2 grey, padded handles as well as a black, adjustable leg strap and ensures safe playing with the Joy-Con controllers. The leg strap is made of robust material that feels pleasant on the skin for maximum playing comfort. It can be continuously adjusted to a leg circumference between 30 and 60 cm and adapts perfectly to the player.











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