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Shades of Vengeance at UKGE

Shades of Vengeance will be attending UKGE and are bringing a lot with us! Here are a few highlights:

Survival Kickstarter Main Image

Era: Survival currently has an active Kickstarter, "Expansions into Darkness". 

This Kickstarter offers multiple expansions, with the number increasing as Stretch Goals are met! It's just £10 get at least 3 (The Swarm Faction Source Book, the Infected Manual and Tales of the Outlands). These top-quality, full-colour expansions add to the Core Rulebook. 
And if you don’t already have the Core Rulebook, don’t worry, there’s a chance to get hold of either that or the enhanced Definitive Edition Rulebook, which contains a number of extras which were cut from the original for length reasons!
Join us at:


Era: Lyres Pocket Edition, the second version of our second roleplaying game, has been entered for a UKGE Award!

In Era: Lyres, you play as people who aren’t adventurers (that’s way too dangerous!). Instead, you tell stories of your “amazing adventures” to the people of Yarnolth who, in turn, shower you with money and glory.

Hop into the nearest tavern and get going with your story with the full-colour Pocket Edition of this rulebook for just £5! It’s available from the Shades of Vengeance stand at UKGE, and the creator is around to talk about it as well!

Champion of Earth image

Last year, we brought Champion of Earth to UKGE as a prototype, and several people gave it a try. 
Since then, we’ve completed the game and had a successful Kickstarter! You’ll be able to buy it from our stand for the first time at UKGE. 
This year, we’ve brought some more prototypes to test out on you, so if you’re interested in finding out what we’re creating, drop by and find out!


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