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Secret Files 3 available for iOS

Mystery-Thriller series enters last and final chapter!
Munich, March 25 2020 - Animation Arts releases the final chapter of the award winning Secret Files series for iOS via the App Store on mobile devices.

Secret Files 3 finally brings back Nina and Max to touchscreen and tells another thrilling chapter of their adventures.

The game is available as premium App at 4.99£ / 5,49€ / 4.99$ The game comes without any additional in-game purchases or episodes and contains the full story driven content.

The Launch-Trailer on YouTube:

Secret Files 3:

Shortly after announcing their wedding Nina and Max get hit in the back by life once again. The wedding seems to vanish in the fogs of a dark future when Nina has to witness Max being taken by German police out of his Berlin flat. While being pushed by Nina, Max manages to whisper  dark and mysterious information into Nina’s ear. Still shocked by what she just witnessed, Nina is now on a path to discover the whereabouts of her loved one but also to unravel an ancient conspiracy threatening the existence of humanity itself. Is all of this linked to her past in Tunguska? Can she save Max or is the fate of the world more important than her personal happiness? All these questions will finally be answered throughout the course of Secret Files 3 on mobile devices.

• Interactive mystery thriller for smartphone and tablet.
• Over eight hours of thrilling gameplay.
• Full game no in-game purchases
• 4 playable characters
• More than 100 locations
• Full voice over

App Store Link:
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