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Southern San Andreas’ roads get a little beefier with the arrival of the Schyster Deviant muscle car, now available at Legendary Motorsport. Players can also log in anytime this week to receive a free Schyster T-shirt, along with opportunities to receive GTA$50,000 and rare vehicle manufacturer and DJ T-Shirts for each delivered Business Battle Crate. 

Double GTA$ & RP opportunities abound this week in the new RC Bandito Races and likewise for those looking to settle scores in Trading Places (Remix). Nightclub owners will also receive a 2X Boost on Nightclub Popularity from Nightclub Management missions during the same period, along with a doubling of Nightclub Income. 

Players can continue earning a GTA$250K reward for logging in each weekend this February, with the possibility of being awarded up to GTA$1M in total.

Once upon a time the Deviant was considered an underdog in the muscle car field. But in the land of opportunity, an underdog is only a genetically-engineered monstrosity in waiting, and that’s something Team Schyster know all too well. Revamped, remodeled, re-engineered and released on the unsuspecting streets of Los Santos, the Schyster Deviant is back with a point to prove - available now at Legendary Motorsport. 


Challenge miniscule racers at major stakes with Double GTA$ & RP on the recently released RC Bandito Races all week long, then settle the age-old conflict between Beast and Juggernaut to earn double rewards on Trading Places (Remix) for the same period.

Pack the house at twice the speed this week with a 2X Boost on Nightclub Popularity gained from Nightclub Management missions. You'll also rake in Nightclub Income at twice the usual rate - just be sure to empty your safe when it reaches capacity.

To celebrate the release of the Deviant, Team Schyster is awarding all players who log in this week with a free Schyster T-shirt. 

And for a limited time, successfully delivered Business Battle Crates have a chance of awarding a cool GTA$50,000, along with a hand-picked mix of rare T-Shirts from your favorite vehicle manufacturers and After Hours DJs.


Play GTA Online any weekend this February to earn a GTA$250K reward the following week, up to GTA$1M for the month. So if you played at any point between February 1st and 3rd, be sure to jump in this weekend to claim your first GTA$250K cash drop.


Make the most of this week's Nightclub bonuses with a suite of After Hours discounts to get you up and running: 


And save big on a host of bleeding-edge machinery through February 13th - stage your hacking operations from the safety of the Benefactor Terrorbyte or reign supreme in the Arena with the MTL Cerberus:

For more information on all the latest GTA Online bonuses and coming events, head to the Social Club Events page.



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