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Fireys! Now Available for Preorder!

The Fireys! Expansion is now available for preorder on the River Horse webstore!

The Fireys! Expansion for Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game continues your collection of creatures from the movie, including an alternative Jareth miniature, and gives you optional rules to make use of the Fireys in your games of Labyrinth!


Gipsy Danger Painted Model from Pacific Rim: Extinction!

Take a look at the original legendary Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, in fully painted glory! Gipsy Danger will be released along with Pacific Rim: ExtinctionWave 1.

Check out the gallery on our website for more.

Order Labyrinth and Goblins Together!

Labyrinth: The Board GameThe Goblins! Expansion, are both in stock!

Get the first two parts of the Labyrinth: The Board Game experience, in preparation of the upcoming Fireys!

Find them in your local gaming store, or in the Jim Henson Collection on our website.

While we have a fresh restock of Labyrinth: The Board Game, we have less than 100 copies of Goblins left, so get in quick!

Krowdfunder: The Game - Pledge Cards!

Pledge Cards are the essential options that your audience can choose between. Make sure you get the best Pledge Options possible to increase your profit!

Send us your ideas for comments, art, and cards, and we might put them in the game! Be sure to check out the FREE Krowdfunder Print & Playtest on our website.



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