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Ripley Run, alien themed dlc for roguelite cult hit Unexplored, launches today

Ripley Run brings Unexplored in much darker territory. Just surviving is no longer enough. The player must kill the alien Creeps. All of them...

Face off the horde with your trusty repeater crossbow. Learn the secrets of the overrun mining colony and defeat The Visitor Queen to set a really high score. The Ripley Run adds a new, action-packed game mode complete with its own achievements, leaderboard, and unlockables.

Steam store page:

Press on Unexplored

Rock Paper Shotgun:
" of my favourite games of the year".

Vice Waypoint:
"Even in a year with so many incredible games, Unexplored is a gem"

PC Gamer:
"...more interesting, well-designed environments than in your average, relatively rigid roguelike"

Ripley Run background

Traveling through the desolate wastes you approach the mining colony. You hear nothing, but a funny feeling creeps down your back. Like you are being watched. Turning a corner, you find the corpses of some of the unfortunate inhabitants of the colony. One of them has an odd, scaly mask glued to his face. When you touch it, it starts to move and vanishes quickly in a dark corner.

Now you know what happened here... Creeps! That leaves you no choice, really. You will have to find them all, and kill them. Because you cannot allow even one of them to live and escape!

Now go, and be a hero!

Action packed dlc

In Ripley Run only your number of kills count. Face off hordes of Creeps with your repeater crossbow, a Ring of Detect Life, and a stack of explosive potions. Kill the Visitor Queen to finish the run and double your kills.

The real challenge of the Ripley Run is to carefully manage your resources and learn where to look for more in the overrun mining colony. Unlock several achievements to improve your character from the start and you just might set a really high score.

Unexplored: the roguelite that feels like a roguelike

Unexplored is an accessible yet challenging roguelite action rpg, featuring fantastic dungeons and a surprising amount of content and depth.

The game launched recently to great critical response and currently has a 97% positive review score on Steam. The developers keep updating the game with new features and content. Since the launch, Unexplored received as much as nine major content updates.

The first free two pieces of DLC were released earlier in the form of the entire soundtrack and the Mithril Run special run. 



Introducing "Cyclic Dungeon Generation"

The launch of Unexplored also marked the first official release of a game using Cyclic Dungeon Generation, the new way of creating -less- random levels and emergent gameplay.

In the this video, the creator of Unexplored explains Cyclic Dungeon Generation in 47 seconds:

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The game is created by Ludomotion, the studio of famed developer Joris Dormans, known for his research in the field of procedural content generation, emergent gameplay and the highly acclaimed math game, Sumico (rated 9/10 by Nintendo Life).
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