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Two Rifts® Bundles of Holding available now – April 11, 2019

The bargain-priced Phase World® bundle offers Rifts® Dimension Books for the very first time as a Bundle of Holding. The Rifts® Essentials Bundle of Holding offer is a fan favorite collection of core rule books and World Books that is back. As always, the sooner you buy in, the better the deal and bigger the savings. So do not delay! Plus, you help a worthy charity. And for those of you living outside the United States, it is a great way to get PDFs of books and avoid shipping cost.

For each Bundle, the customer can pay the minimum price to get all the titles in that offer's Starter Collection. HOWEVER, if you pay more than that offer's threshold (average) price, you also get all the titles in that offer's Bonus Collection.

Bundle #1: Rifts® “Phase World®” Bundle of Holding – now thru April 29, 2019

The all-new Rifts® Phase World® Bundle presents the standalone sub-setting of space opera adventure across the Three Galaxies, and beyond. (Also see the Rifts® Essentials Bundle, available now.)

The Rifts® “Phase World®” STARTER Collection (US $9.95 – total value $49.50). For just US $9.95 you get five Phase World®/Three Galaxies Dimension Books, below, in this offer’s Starter Collection.

Rifts® “Phase World®” BONUS COLLECTION (threshold currently $25.26 – retail value $135.50).

If you pay more than this offer's threshold (average) price ($25.26 when we post this, but the longer you wait, the higher it will go), you will level up and also get this offer's ENTIRE Bonus Collection with nine more supplements and sourcebooks worth an additional $86. Total retail value: $135.50.

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