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Richard III 450+ backers! 
Kickstarter ends Monday!

Play the demo now and see why 450+ backers are already falling in love with Richard III!
Richard the Third is a computer adaption of the epic two-player wargame that recreates the 15th century, bloody dynastic struggle between the royal houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England.

The Artificial Intelligence was specifically created to take advantage of the Columbia Block system making for a challenging opponent at any time you wish!   Go to the Kickstarter!
Cities of Hârn
Our friends at Columbia Games have another KickStarter. Cities of Hârn is a collection of seven medieval cities with extensive detail on true medieval history, for use in any tabletop RPG. 

You can get the 30+ page City of Shiran for only $1. Known as the "city of sin", it makes for an excellent read.  Go to the Kickstarter!
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