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Werewolves 101

Today we share another preview from the upcoming Hunter: The Reckoning book. We're sharing one of the many quarries included in the book, the fierce werewolf!

Next week we'll cap things off with one final preview, as well as the PDF release for those of you with pre-orders! The PDF will continue to be included at no cost until 2 weeks after the book's physical release, so don't sleep on pre-ordering!

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Preview The Heart of Europe Tonight on Twitch!

We previously showed off the first player cards from the upcoming Rivals expansion here. Join us tonight on Twitch to see more, focusing on the Thin Blood and Tremere clans!
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The Day Shift Continues! 6:30PM Pacific on Twitch!

The Day Shift, the very first Hunter: The Reckoning Live Play continues tonight! If you missed last week, now's your chance to get caught up on YouTube before the new episode airs tonight on Twitch!
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Find a Prince of the City Tournament Near You!

With more than a dozen events completed, and a dozen more still to go, we're filling out the ranks of Kindred royalty all over the world! All participants receive great prizes just for playing, and the winner will be immortalized as a Vampire in-game!

Find an Event Near You!


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