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Upcoming Releases!

Look for these upcoming games at a store near you! 

Shiba Inu House - April 19th!
This crafty pattern-matching game with challenge players to create the perfect dog house for their precious pup! 

MSRP: $20
Players: 1-5
Play time: 15- 30 min
Ages: 6+

Honshu - May 17th! 
Build a beautiful city, one carefully selected card at a time! This is a big game in a small box! 

MSRP: $25
Players: 2-5
Play time: 30 min
Ages: 8+

FLATLINE - May 31st!
Save patients in the medical bay of a ship under attack! Set in the FUSE universe, players must work together to fulfill the needs of the injured crew while under the clock! Time is running out!

MSRP: $50
Players: 1-5
Play time: 45 min
Ages: 13+

Convention Season is almost here!

We're gearing up for convention season! We'd love to see you at the game table soon!

Kingdom-Con- April 27-30th - We have a great crew running events all weekend! Scott and Sara will be attending Saturday and would love to meet you!

Geekway to the West - May 18-21st - This will be our first year at this event! We have heard so much about this great convention and can't wait to see what all the fuss is about! 

BGG Spring! - May 26-29th - We love this relaxing event with one of the best game libraries in the industry! Make sure to stop by our booth and try out some of the hottest new games!

Origins - June 14-18th - One of our favorite events of the year! We actually get time to play games! We are also sponsoring the UnPub area where gamers can test unpublished games and offer valuable feedback to the designers. Be the first to play the next great game! 


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