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Another title in the “Klein & Fein” series: 
Really great shouldn't just be the pencil Berlin, spring 2022. Don't just tick smartly, but also pierce boxes - the new game
from the “Klein & Fein” series requires a sharp mind and a sharp pencil are equally required. Because on the front there are
the precious and point-earning symbols in soap bubbles, which have to be made to burst in order to be able to continue playing
on the back. 

Who will win the hunt for the points? It was not until the spring of 2021 that the successful authors Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and Ralph Querfurth expanded the “Klein & Fein” series with “Kannsteknicken”. Now, with “Echt spitze”, the two have created
another entertaining Roll & Write game, for up to four people, with a high level of replay appeal, in which everyone can play
at the same time. The solo version is fun to play on its own. 

Games The "Klein & Fein" series from Schmidt Spiele is known for numerous Roll & Write games that constantly challenge Schmidt with new game principles.

Starting this spring, players will use both the front and the back of their scoring sheet on the inside of Echt Spitz, on the hunt for valuable points, and pierce it diligently with a sharp pencil. The aim is to collect more points than the others and so win the game for yourself in the end. Two dice decide where the cross can be placed on the game sheet.

To do this, each of them may take a cube in turn from the center and form an intersection on his grid with one of the remaining cubes. Ticked at the same time, whereby it is particularly attractive to hit symbols in soap bubbles, because they

may be pierced through the sheet and it continues on the back. The coveted symbols to be collected are located on both sides of 
the game sheet. Whoever collects one type of symbol faster scores with a higher number of points. The game ends when a person has
scored their third type of symbol. Then it is added up, and rows that are crossed also bring valuable points. Whoever has the 
most points wins and is “really great”. Two other varied levels provide even more excitement, while the solo version allows you 
to play without a teammate. Type: Roll & Write Game | Publisher: Schmidt Spiele | Players: 1-4 | Age: from 8 years | Time: approx. 20 minutes
Price: 13.49 euros (RRP)
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