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Raiders of the Broken Planet Background Story Video Developer Diary Out Now

MercurySteam have released the second developer diary for Raiders of the Broken Planet, that focuses on the the background story of its 4 divided by 1 asymmetric shooter. Currently in closed beta Raiders of the Broken Planet takes a pulp sci-fi approach melding comic book visuals with an intense narrative that involves various factions fighting for an mythical power source.

In one of the moons of Saturn, a scientific expedition from earth discovers the remains of a space ship stranded millions of years ago. The explorers enter the ruins and discover Aleph, an incredible power source that is the key to interstellar travel. Motivated by private interest and corporate greed, the organisation sends a group of paramilitary factions to the Broken Planet. On arrival, an accident renders the paramilitaries technology useless and the factions begin a battle for supremacy, Aleph and the alien technology that can return them back to earth.

In addition, the developer diary delves deeper into the role of the antagonist and his role not only in the story but how the counter operative adds to the overall adventure aspect of the game.

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Raiders of the Broken Planet Confirmed to Launch on Xbox One X in 2017 Playable at ID@Xbox Showcase on the Microsoft Booth at E3 2017

San Sebastian de los Reyes, Spain - June 12th, 2017 - MercurySteam, the award winning independent development studio behind the multi-million selling Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series, today announced that its 4 divided by 1 asymmetric shooter Raider of the Broken Planet, will launch on Microsoft’s new console— Xbox One X. After being featured on the Xbox showreel at the Microsoft E3 2017 Media Briefing, MercurySteam is showing off Raiders of the Broken Planet all week on the E3 show floor. Raiders of the Broken Planet is playable on Xbox One X at the Microsoft booth and on PC at the Nvidia booth, too. On Xbox One X, Raiders of the Broken Planet shows off the game’s unique art style in beautiful 4K, immersing players and transporting them across the galaxy to a new world, the Broken Planet.

“We couldn’t be happier to be supporting this powerful, exciting new console from Microsoft. They have been really supportive during the development of the game and we want to make the most of their new technology. Seeing the game on a 4K TV just completely takes your breath away,” said Enric Alvarez, Head of Studio at MercurySteam and the Game Director on Raiders. “It’s been really awesome working with this new console, it’s a beast!”

Raiders of the Broken Planet will launch its first campaign—Alien Myths— on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year. Raiders of the Broken Planet will be available on Xbox One X at launch and will feature improved visuals in 4K and full HDR support.

View 4K Footage:
View the 4 Divided by 1 Trailer:
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About Raiders of the Broken Planet
An incredible discovery on one of Saturn’s moons leads a force of humans to a broken planet on the far reaches of the Universe. A source of energy called Aleph exists there that grants ultimate power to who ever controls it.

However, after becoming trapped on the planet, the human forces split into factions and fight amongst themselves for supremacy and dominion over the Aleph. The peaceful inhabitants of the planet decide enough is enough and a hero emerges amongst them who hopes to lead his people to freedom.

Using nefarious means and exploiting the disunity amongst the human ranks, Harec recruits a rag tag group of rogues, outlaws and hired guns from the various factions and pits them against those who would destroy his people.

Raiders of the Broken Planet is a brand-new take on the shooter genre. Through its 4 vs 1 counter-operative campaign, you experience both sides of the story: Join the Raiders in their fight to free the legendary Broken Planet, OR switch sides as the lone Antagonistand fight the Raiders on your own alongside the invading hordes! It’s high risk, but comes with special bragging rights. After all, war is business, and business is booming.  

Oh, and Raiders of the Broken Planet campaign is also fully playable in single player mode ;)

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