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Quest RPG now on Kickstarter

8th March 2018

What if an army from another world attacked a planet where magic not only existed, but was central to their way of life...? Where the invaders were met not with Ironclads and Maxim guns but Lightning Bolts and Magical Weapons.

Quest is a fantasy roleplaying game where the characters are survivors of a war that lasted for centuries, only to find that others, watching from beyond their world, have been waiting for the war to finish, so they could finish off a weakened and demoralised people. But those who are left are not the ragged remnants of once proud civilisations, they are the chosen of Alenis, Goddess of the Viahem, and they would not yield the lands won over decades of war to these new invaders, no matter where they came from.

Featuring a new and unique game system that’s easy to learn and quick to start playing, Quest has everything you need to play in a single book and has already unlocked the first of its stretch goals. A free Quickstart guide to the system and an adventure with pre-generated characters can be found here by clicking on the Quest Logo. The main Kickstarter page can be found here and the campaign is finishing on Sunday 11th March.

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