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RUNE STONES transports you to a world of druids, mystical creatures, and magical artifacts!

The time has come to find the most powerful druid, that they may claim the throne!
Players will take on the role of druids who must prove their skills handling the powerful rune stones. Summon creatures by magic and benefit from their abilities, all in a search to gain precious gems. These gems must go to the talented dwarfs, who know how to use them to make artifacts. As their collection of artifacts grows, the druid‘s rune stones become more powerful. Each stone gives the druid a permanent ability as well as power points. The abilities will aid in acquiring gems and artifacts, and the power points increase the player‘s chance of claiming the coveted throne.

The druid with the most power points at the end of the game ascends the throne and is the winner of the game.


COPENHAGEN, the capital of Denmark, the world’s happiest country: A thriving metropolis filled with grand architecture and unique harbors created by crisscrossing canals. One of these is “Nyhavn” (New Harbor), which is famous for its colorful gabled houses perched along the waterfront. In COPENHAGEN, players face the challenge of constructing new façades that will fit perfectly into the beautiful harbor scenery. They will do this by collecting cards from a display and exchanging them for façade tiles of that color to place on their own house. By finishing certain spaces or floors, they will gain powerful special abilities which they can use for the rest of the game.

The player who places their tiles in the best way and uses their abilities cleverly, will be the winner at the end of the game.



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