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Studio: Tauron Glyph (Russia)

Genre: TRPG
Target group: 16+

Platform: Steam, iOS, Android



Release date: Q1 2020


The main purpose of the “Sigil project” is to tell a dark story about search for the goal for which the protagonist is ready (a player has to be ready) to make evil deeds, inexpressibly wicked and sometimes loathsome things. The entire plot is the transition from one world picture to the other in order to see later that the same actions have different tints depending on the decisions of a player.

The main character is a lost heir-undead wandering at the sealand in the search of breaches to the world of Aspects. He tries to contact with the aspects (spirits) and get the forbidden knowledge, bringing it together to break a curse.

Every Aspect is responsible for his part of the universe (wind, diseases, cold, light), and every demon - for aspect’s subsystem (resolution, depression, lust).

Black blood (oil) courses through the veins of the undead heirs instead of the usual blood - it’s a decay product and a symbol of death.

Travelling the world, the character reveals more details about world history and lore. Every sigil lets to use a particular aspect of magic. The first five sigils are for the battle. Next five are contextual (affect the in-game world).  


If you got all sigils you can create “vicious verse” that destroys the dead moon. And nobody knows what will happen next.

The character travels the locations, world and communicates with others advancing the plot in search of the 5 aspects to get the powerful sigils. Every new sigil increases the combat and contextual power, opportunities.  From the start there are only combat actions during

combat mode. The magic and capability affecting the in-game world become available in the process. To contact with the aspects you need to find the “portals”, leading to the chambers of aspects. To get the sigil you need to complete a quest and a mission, connected to a certain aspect.

The character fights people, cultists and demon incarnations in the real world (bosses).



The rite was performed in the ancient times in the kingdom of Gulkishar that in the sealand. The planet Lunital (moon) that affects the members of the royal family dies and at a certain point goes out. The royal house lost their divine essence and power as a result.

This power let to glimpse at the Aspects’ (Spirits’) world, obtaining the energy to affect the real world through the magic.

The part of the royal subjects decided to go to extremes, establishing the “Devoted to the Power”.


The cult members performed an abominable rite to resurrect the planet, sacrificing the royal family. The planet has resurrected but simultaneously the dead crown prince was born. He marked the beginning of an era of “Dead moon”, affecting the all residents of the kingdom with the curse.

The effect of the undead moon opened slightly the world of Aspects for all people. Earlier the real world formed the fulfillment of the aspect world (parts of the memories or deep emotions nourished the aspect world, creating the space (memories) and demons (deep emotions). After the rite the aspect world started to affect the real space and people.

The aspect world is bursting into the real world gradually - century after century. It brings unknown diseases, spreading the mental disorders and ailments.

The Devoted to the Power were first to realize that the aspect world has particular sigils - sighs affecting the kinds of magic in the aspect world directly. The sigil power in our world is insignificant. And only the descendants of the first undead prince can use the sigils at full capacity in the real world.

When the curse became incredibly strong the Gulkishar kingdom was destroyed by the great riot. The Devoted to the Power tried to reverse the consequences of the rite and capture all descendants of the undead family, exploring them.

The cult prohibited using of the magic and the knowledges from the aspect world to slow down the spreading of the curse.

But every use of magic strengthen the presence of the aspect world in the real one.

The dead moon is closely following it.


The cathedral outskirts represents the almost deserted area. It is desolate and abandoned. On the north of the map there is a blasted cathedral having a small churchyard with a rift.

In the game universe the emotions, world view and even “the spirit level” goes out gradually, after the death of a man. It transmutes blending in with surroundings or dissolves forming the resource. It’s useful for the interaction with the magic world. And besides, it can shift to the aspect world, nourishing different spirits and demons.

The churchyard keeps the executed heretics that used the sigil magic even after the prohibition of the cult (commoners, nobles and even children). That’s why (because of the belonging to the aspect magic) the spirits form the rift - the place where you can get the aspect world. It is the unnatural and distorted version of the location. Entering the rift you can see the fragments of the memories. The mind of a character is interlaced in the substance of the formed locations of the aspects.

Distinctive features:

The Sigil System, Rapid Finishers in the step-by-step mode, the change of a character appearance depending on the sigil used.

What will be remembered:

Emotional story, deep plot, experiencing through the world interaction, characters, items and scenery, memorable soundtrack, opportunity to reveal the lore through the in-game clues. Dynamic step-by-step system. Partial nudity and violence.

You can travel the map like in a classic isometric RPG. When the enemy appears in the sight, the map is automatically divided into the squares. It starts from the point where a player stopped. At the moment the game initiates the combat mode.



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