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Prepare for a Re-imagining of the Prison Tycoon Franchise with Upcoming Steam Early Access Launch
Publisher Ziggurat Interactive and Developer Abylight Bringing a Whole New Take to Tycoon Gameplay this Summer!
Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, announced today that Prison Tycoon: Under New Management will launch this summer on Steam’s Early Access platform. The game will feature all the classic tycoon-style gameplay that involves building, maintaining, and upgrading facilities, along with managing staff and ensuring the prison stays supplied. The best-selling series will see the introduction of a new type of gameplay challenge, as players will strive to rehabilitate inmates and reintroduce them as productive members of society upon their release.
In Prison Tycoon: Under New Management, would-be wardens will need to maintain a balance of services and security as they strive to run an efficient facility while keeping inmates on the path to reintegration. To grow their prison and improve their capabilities, players will need to secure funding from state agencies, manage the flow of resources, and keep staff happy while providing proper care for their charges.
Prison Tycoon: Under New Management features include:

More info about Ziggurat Interactive, its current lineup, and upcoming announcements is available on FacebookTwitter,  and the company’s official website, with info on their upcoming products to be announced on the same.
About Ziggurat Interactive
Ziggurat Interactive was launched in late 2019 with the goal of preserving and expanding the legacy of video games. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Ziggurat creates and celebrates games — expanding the audience for both retro and new titles by making them accessible to all types of players across multiple platforms.
About Abylight Studios
Abylight Studios is a digital entertainment company based in Barcelona and founded in 2004. As a video game publisher focuses on working with talented Indie creators and helping them to bring their games to the widest range of platforms possible. For more information on Abylight Studios, visit its official websiteFacebook, and follow @Abylight on Twitter

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