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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Phase 2 is Incoming!

Pre-order these 3 expansions at your local game store and learn more at the Renegade Game Studios website!

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Zeo Ranger Pack

The Zeo Ranger Pack adds 5 new playable heroes, along with their unique Zords and powerful Zeo Megazord to Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. The five core members of the Zeo Rangers: Tommy Oliver, Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos, Tanya Sloan, and Kat Hillard leap into battle using new and unique Zeo Ranger abilities. 

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver Pack

Though Tommy Oliver started out as an enemy of the Power Rangers, he became a legendary hero and one of the greatest Rangers of all time. Enhance your game with four of Tommy’s legendary forms: Mighty Morphin Green, Mighty Morphin White, Turbo Red, and Dino Thunder Black. Be prepared to face his evil cybernetic doppelgänger, created by the villainous Lord Draven!

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Mega Goldar Deluxe Figure

Goldar has grown to giant size, thanks to the magic of Rita Repulsa! In Mega Goldar form, represented by a giant-scale miniature, the warrior is more formidable than ever. It will take an all-out assault from the Rangers to bring Mega Goldar down

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Join us on Twitch where we'll be doing an ULTIMATE TOMMY OLIVER BATTLE, and using the various forms of Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver!

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