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Don't miss the Pizza Connection 3 Live Stream on Twitch!

Wiesbaden, November 14, 2017 - On Thursday, November 16, at 6pm Italian time, publisher Assemble Entertainment will host the first Pizza Connection 3 live stream on Twitch.

For the stream, both the employees of Assemble and Assemble's Developer Studio Gentlymad have undergone extravagant tests to ensure that only the best of the best will showcase the business simulation Pizza Connection 3 to the public. Unfortunately, the best of the best are needed elsewhere on Thursday, so now Gentlymad developer legend Stephan Wirth and Assemble Product Manager Timothy Thee will show Pizza Connection 3 on the official Assemble Twitch Channel:

What’s happening: Pizza Connection 3 Live Stream
When is it happening: Thursday, November 16, 6 pm CET
Where is it happening:

The Business simulator "Pizza Connection 3" is being developed by Gentlymad and will be released in Spring 2018 for PC, Mac and Linux (SteamOS).

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