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Ahoy, me mateys! What say ye to a rousing round of Pirate Fluxx for Talk Like a Pirate Day on Thurrrrrsday, September the 19th? There be boatloads of ways to grab a copy in plenty of time--be ye headed into port to snag a copy at the local bazaar, sending semaphore signals to the Looney Labs crew, or offloading some booty from the frigate known as Amazon. While ye be treasure huntin', be sure to pick up a Talk Like a Pirate T-shirt to wear while ye be playin'. And if ye'd rather be playin' Loonacy, grab a $10 Custom Loonacy that will improve yer semaphore skills so the cap'n won't make ye walk the plank! Whatever ye be doin' on the special day, be sure to have a yo-ho-whole lot of fun!

Many of you have been asking when our 13th Doctor Expansion Pack will be coming out. We wish we could tell you, but we still don't have approvals from the BBC. But we CAN tell you that there was a chance it wasn't going to happen at all because we were going to lose the Doctor Who license altogether. And we CAN tell you that, thankfully, that is not happening! Doctor Who Fluxx will live on until at least summer 2021, which means we will definitely be making the expansion pack at some point. We just don't know when. Sorry. We're hoping they'll still be in time to be great stocking stuffers!

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