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End of May and beginning of June. This may get yet another meaning soon but as we write these words these are just the dates when you can find PHALANX in Hall One at stand H2 at UK Games Expo. There are a few reasons you may want to put above in your calendar.

We are bringing our last year’s Kickstarter production: Germania Magna to the UK for the first time. If you like a cut-throat co-opetition game, with lots of Roman and Germanic flavour, this one is for you. You may bring along friends, with whom you need a good excuse to break up. This game is quite abundant in negative interaction. Well, in fact there is no positive interaction at all.

1 Germania Magna

This must happen and is happening now: The first ever reality show in the gaming hobby! Come and see for yourself. And have a shot at the Grand Prize. HUNGER is the reality show on board games! Starve your friends and win 1 MILLION game dollars!


HANNIBAL & HAMILCAR. This game is a legend - we are runnning a campaign to bring it back to life! And while we are in Brum, the Pledge Manager is still live. So you can come, have a look, and have no doubts whatsoever why you should back this splendid game.


Did we say we make wargames great again? Hell yeah! Come and see what’s coming next. And that’s a damn wunderwaffe game. Underwater cooperation war thriller? You can’t believe what you’ve just read? Huh. Check UBOOT.

4 Uboot




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