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In such a sunny and hot summer,  board games are an excellent choice: You can play in the shade, too. Check out our fantastic summer sale for the first edition of Perdition's Mouth in our web store.  The very last copies with Witch's Grotto expansion with up to 40% discount!

Upgrade to Revised Edition

Remember that you can upgrade your first edition Perdition's Mouth the Revised Edition with Upgrade Pack.

You will get new maps, new scenarios, new hero Raven and all corrections with updated rules. With German, Italian and Spanish Upgrade Pack you get ALL the cards in the chosen language.

The amount of Upgrade Packs is very limited, so order yours right now!

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Do you want more challenge for your Perdition's Mouth heroes? New heroes with new abilities? The Traitor Guard expansion with the hero Brother Örn and over 20 scenarios is available from our web store. You can also preorder Hideout Expansion in English or German.

New Game: Darwinning!

In addition to PM:RE, we publish this year also a tactical tableau-building trick-taking game, Darwinning!  It is excellent fun for families and gamers from 9 years up. Preorder your copy now, deliveries during September and October!



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