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Pegasus Spiele will join the UK Games Expo with new games for families and experienced players. To play a free demo, visit Pegasus Spiele booth 2-802!

UK Expo Families 1280x350px Kopie

Discover new games for families and travel to the early stages of humankind in Fire & Stone, or compete against other raccoon gangs in a race to the golden trash can by climbing and shoving your way to the top of three houses and jumping into their backyard in Raccoon Robbers. If you are a fan of abstract tile-laying games and enjoy simple rules but also great depth, then Framework by best-selling designer Uwe Rosenberg is the perfect fit for you.

UK Expo Experienced player 1280x350px

Looking for complex games and deep strategy? Then get ready to fly to the cheese moon. In First Rat you move your rat family across the board, gather resources and build a rocket to reach the moon made out of cheese. If furry creatures are not your thing, carefully select your actions, build up your company, and rise to the challenge to discover true success in Carnegie. Or join the adventures of The Dwarves and play through an epic saga for a great co-op experience.

UK Expo classic player 1280x350px

The Port Royal Big Box brings the popular push-your-luck card game back to the table with brand-new vibrant artwork and the entire Port Royal collection contained in one box. Fans of the exceptional cooperative detective game MicroMacro: Crime City are invited solve the crimes on the big mono-chromatic map! For both games the current promos are available for free at the Pegasus Spiele booth.

All games presented by Pegasus Spiele at booth 2-802 will be available to purchase!


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