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This year not only will gingerbread and cookies sweeten the run-up to Christmas, but also our online convention CONspiracy . Rejoice from 9.-12. December on digital game rounds for board and role-playing games, workshops, competitions and of course a live stream again. Together with Orkenspalter TV, this time we will stream game rounds, talks, interviews and much more for four days. The broadcast schedule for the live stream is set, so you can make a note of when you absolutely have to tune in!

In order to keep track of the many offers, we have designed an extra CON planner with which you can set up your own CONspiracy program consisting of game rounds, live stream slots and much more. can put together. You can find the digital version of the CON planner on the CONspiracy page . All of you who would rather have the planner printed out can look forward to the free CONspiracy Goodie Bags, which are expected to be available from participating retailers from December 6th.

All information is also available at . The site will be continuously updated over the next two weeks and additional promotions will be added, so be sure to check back regularly!



If you can’t wait until the CONspiracy 7 starts in around 2.5 weeks , no problem! As always between the CONspiracys, there is again a Road to CONspiracy this time . This means that you can already take part in digital game rounds . An overview of all the game rounds on offer, for which you can also register right away, can be found on the CONspiracy Trello board .

If you feel like not only playing along, but also offering your own program , then we look forward to your content registration ! Regardless of the system, whether a game round, workshop or other creative content, as long as your offer has to do with board or role-playing games, all contributions are warmly welcome!

By the way, also during the CONspiracy from 9.-12. December we look forward to your game round, your workshop and much more! Register your contribution now using the same form.


On Friday, the family game Juicy Fruits was awarded the generational game seal of approval by Spiel des Jahres author Christian Stöhr . With this seal, the Spielecafé honors the generations - young and old plays eV games that are intergenerational and intergenerational. We and our partner Deep Print Games are very happy about this award!

You do n't know Juicy Fruits yet? No problem! The teaser video introduces you to the unusual game principle and you can find an interview with author Christian Stöhr on our blog , in which he tells you more about the development of the game. If you really feel like testing the game yourself, no problem! 

You can find it as a digital tabletopia version in our game library .

Friday is Black Friday! On the shopping day of the year we also have a very special offer for you: 20% discount on all products in our merchandise shop .

Do you love the cute motifs of our children's games? No problem! Mary Magica , Timmy and the witch from magic to the power of three are available as baby bodies, t-shirts for kids and adults, mugs with a glitter effect, bags and and and. Shadowrun is exactly your thing? Perfect! Don't just look forward to mugs, shirts and much more. more in the Shadowrun 6 look, but also on college jackets with the logo of your favorite city war team. You will also find products with different designs from Kitchen Rush , BAM! , The Dwarfs and Robinson Crusoe in our merchandise shop. These and many other products are available at




On the Pegasus Games Blog you can look forward to insights into the publisher, background reports, interviews and much more about Pegasus Games. This is the latest blog post:

Backgrounds - The characters from Dune - Secrets of the houses

Learn more about the characters with whom her Dune - Secrets of homes experienced a cinematic adventure ...  more


We regularly publish teaser videos about our games, interviews with colleagues and partners, let's play and much more on our YouTube channel .

Brand new you will now also find Let's Plays to Aeon's End - For Eternity! , Savannah Park ,  Zombie Dice and  Cameloot . You can also look forward to the teaser video for the new Frosted Games connoisseur game Flippermania as well as a presentation of the Portal Games and the Cthulhu autumn novelties. Start the film!





If you are a customer of Pegasus Spiele you can order a spielbox® subscription at special conditions here .

The campaign runs until December 31, 2021. You can also give it to someone else as a gift. For your own subscription, however, it is a requirement that you have not been an e spielbox ® subscriber for the past three years .

In Germany, the subscription costs only € 44 instead of the normal € 49 (within Europe: € 49.90 instead of € 54.90). Delivery costs and applicable VAT are included. The subscription comprises seven issues and starts with the next available issue.

The subscription expires automatically after the paid period has expired and does not have to be canceled. The spielbox ® asks whether it should be extended.

To the order form : w aktionsangebote -spielbox- und- pegasus -piele



Bonfire: Trees & Creatures  Munchkins & Mazes  Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Cults and Pistons (Expansion)

Since last week, our family game Juicy Fruits has been able to call itself the generation game. This week we are raffling off a copy signed by the author Christian Stöhr.

To jump into the lottery pot for our competition this week, answer the following question in the competition form by November 28, 2021 11:59 p.m. at the latest : Which game inspired author Christian Stöhr to create Juicy Fruits? Note: He answered these and many other questions in a blog interview

Conditions of participation: All persons over the age of 18 who have their place of residence in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are eligible to participate. Participation is only possible online using the competition form and is free of charge. Participation is possible from 11/22/2021 to 11/28/2021 11:59 p.m. The winner will be notified via email following the competition. The general Pegasus Games Conditions of Participation also apply

Bonfire: Trees & Creatures  29,95 € *

Munchkins & Mazes     14,95 € *

Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Cults and Pistons (Expansion)   12,95 € *

Cthulhu: Nameless Terror in the Old World (Softcover)   Cthulhu: The Meat Gardens of Carcosa (Softcover)   Bonfire (Hall Games)

Cthulhu: Nameless Terror in the Old World (Softcover)    9,95 € *

Cthulhu: The Meat Gardens of Carcosa (Softcover)   9,95 € *

Bonfire (Hall Games)    49,95 € *


Corrosion   Flippermania (Frosted Games)   City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood [Erweiterung]

Corrosion    39,99 € *

Flippermania (Frosted Games)   24,95 € *

City of Angels: Bullets over Hollywood [Erweiterung]   34,99 € *

City of Angels   Trails of Tucana   Point salad * Recommended SdJ 2021 *

City of Angels    69,95 € *

Trails of Tucana   19,95 € *

Point salad * Recommended SdJ 2021 *   12,95 € *


Puzzle: Terra Mystica (1000 Teile)   Jigsaw Puzzle: Cooper Island (1000 Pieces)   Jigsaw Puzzle: Sidereal Confluence (1000 Pieces)

Puzzle: Terra Mystica (1000 Teile)    16,95 € *

Jigsaw Puzzle: Sidereal Confluence (1000 Pieces)   16,95 € * 

Jigsaw Puzzle: Cooper Island (1000 Pieces)    16,95 € *

Hidden Games Crime scene: regicide 5th case   Cube worlds   Escape Quest: The Beginning - Ascalons Wrath

Hidden Games Crime scene: regicide 5th case   24,90 € *

 Cube worlds     24,90 € *

Escape Quest: The Beginning - Ascalons Wrath    19,99 € *

All prices incl. VAT and shipping costs and possibly cash on delivery charges , unless otherwise described



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