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Attention runners! Something big emerges from the shadows: 20% discount on PDFs of our cyberpunk role-playing game Shadowrun on Pegasus Digita l .

Get not only older, long out of print publications at a bargain price, but also the new products Vollgas , Budenzauber , Vendetta or Revierbericht 2082 . Of course, the discount also applies to many Shadowrun novels such as Who shot Kincaid? The offer is valid up to and including November 15th.

Still not sure if Shadowrun is right for you? The quick start rules introduce you to the role-playing game in just a few pages. You can also find them on Pegasus Digital and the best, you only pay as much as you want!


Surely you have the 9.-12. December already marked in your calendar, because our next online convention CONspiracy will take place this weekend . You can already look forward to digital game rounds, competitions and of course a live stream. Together with Orkenspalter TV we will stream game rounds, talks, interviews and much more for four days. We will inform you about the exact program in good time here in the newsletter and at .

But we will see each other again on November 17th and December 1st , because on these days we will stream live for you from the Pegasus Games Studio. Look forward to playing rounds of our novelties First Rat and A Battle through History - The Sabaton Board Game and The Cartographer . It all starts at 5 p.m. on .


On the Pegasus Games Blog you can look forward to insights into the publisher, background reports, interviews and much more about Pegasus Games. These are the latest blog posts:

Beyond the edge of the field - Boardgame Historian

Boardgame Historian take a scientific look at games. We talk to you about your project…  Read more

Game Presentation - Million Dollar Script


Our fun game Million Dollar Script promises creative stories and lots of excitement - no wonder, because the author himself is a screenwriter in Hollywood…  Read more


We regularly publish teaser videos about our games, interviews with colleagues and partners, let's play and much more on our YouTube channel .

Brand new look there now teaser - Videos to Aeon's End and Fire & Stone and an interview with Corrosion -author Stefan Bauer and Nils Deep Print Games. Start the film!


If it's dark and uncomfortable outside, then it's game time! And of course, little treats shouldn't be missing from a cozy game evening - the sweet chubby unicorn and his friends see it that way too. So get to the cookies and off to the gaming table! For the game we make, because this week  giving away we a bundle with the of Pummeleinhorn draughtswomen Steffi Engel signed Pummeleinhorn -Play The Superkeks , Chomp Chomp and the nasty Keksdiebe.

In order to jump into the lottery pot for our competition this week, answer the following question on the competition form by November 14th, 2021 11:59 p.m. at the latest : In which game from the Pegasus games publishing range does food also play a major role? Note: There is more than one correct answer.

Conditions of participation: All persons over the age of 18 who have their place of residence in Germany, Austria or Switzerland are eligible to participate. Participation is only possible online via the competition form and is free of charge. Participation is possible from November 8th, 2021 to November 14th, 2021 11:59 p.m. The: the winners: in will be notified via email following the competition. The general Pegasus Games Conditions of Participation also apply .


Savannah Park (Deep Print Games)  Savannah Park (Deep Print Games)    29,99 € *

In the middle of the heart of Africa there is an incomparably beautiful natural paradise. In...

Dune - Secrets of Houses (Portal Games)  Dune - Secrets of Houses (Portal Games)     39,99 € *

Arrakis, Planet of Spice and endless deserts on the edge of the Empire, will ...

Vienna Connection (Portal Games) Vienna Connection (Portal Games)   44,95 € *

Vienna, January 17, 1977. The battered corpse of an American is ...

Dreadful Circus (Portal Games) Dreadful Circus (Portal Games)   29,99 € *

Something scary is rolling in - stop, no, it's already there! At the edge of...

Game comic crime thriller: Sherlock Holmes supernatural investigation  Game comic crime thriller: Sherlock Holmes supernatural investigation   14,95 € *

Supernatural crimes rock London. Your education requires ...

Munchkins & Mazes   Munchkins & Mazes    14,95 € *

A new, independent Munchkin part for all fans of the cult classic ...

Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Cults and Pistons (Expansion)   Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Cults and Pistons (Expansion)    12,95 € *

With the cults and pistons expansion for Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 ...

Detective Signed Series 2: Smart Noses [Extension] (Portal Games)   Detective Signed Series 2: Smart Noses [Extension] (Portal Games)   12,99 € *

Eclipse - The Second Galactic Age (Lautapelit)   Eclipse - The Second Galactic Age (Lautapelit)    159,95 € *

For many years the galaxy was a peaceful place. After this..

Investigations can be grueling. Day after day one encounters the ...

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Clash of Cultures (Frosted Games)   Bonfire: Trees & Creatures    Flamme Rouge (Board Games)

Clash of Cultures (Frosted Games)  159,95 € *   Bonfire: Trees & Creatures  29,95 € *     Flamme Rouge (Board Games) 29,95 € *

In the highly acclaimed civilization game Clash of Cultures, the ...

In Bonfire, players learned a lot about the world of Asperia and its ..

In the world of great cycling races, the red pennant - Flamme Rouge - is the ...

Treasure Island   Meeple Circus (German edition)   Talisman - The Magical Search, 4th Edition

Treasure Island   The notorious pirate Long John Silver is in jail. That is the...   49,95 € *

Meeple Circus (German edition)   Welcome to Meeple Circus! The artists behind ..  37,95 € *

Talisman - The Magical Search, 4th Edition   Deep in the realm of Talisman, players embark on a dangerous search  49,95 € *


Murder on the Titanic - The Mysterious Crime Puzzle   Death by the Pyramids - The mysterious crime puzzle  WATCH

Murder on the Titanic - The Mysterious Crime Puzzle  Wealthy sisters Gwendolyn and Gloria Everton were once ...  19,99 € *

Death by the Pyramids - The mysterious crime puzzle  The Belgian detective Jean-Luc Peeters is actually hired to do some .19,99 € *

WATCH   As a worker in a Soviet watch factory, you come across a dark ...    44,80 € *




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