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Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings, the fantasy regimental miniature wargame by Para Bellum Wargames will
be launching a “Slow Grow League” type of series in collaboration with OnTableTop, called “Path of Conquest”.
Following the tale of four gamers, namely OnTableTop’s Warren, Gerry, Justin and John, the program will explore
and present the full experience of playing Conquest after its first year, from choosing a faction to building a full
army and bringing complex strategies on the field. Players and viewers will be able to participate in every stop,
gaining badges, and rewards, along the way.
“We think of the Conquest community as a giant, ever growing gaming club, where “newbies” and “veterans” both
are welcome” says Para Bellum. Your screens will be the displays. OnTableTop will be our giant gaming table. And
in that sense, the Path of Conquest is a months-long gaming night at the club.” Starting September 13th and
running into December, players will be able to join Warren, Gerry, Justin and John from OnTableTop and Para
Bellum’s Leo and Konstantinos and explore all facets of Conquest, through a series of videos, guides and events
that leave no stone unturned. Going through the program, the audience will get the opportunity to participate in
live events, painting showcases, playing games etc.
To welcome new players who want to “Begin the Path of Conquest”, a special offer is live now at retailers, or on Para Bellum’s and OnTableTop’s e-shops: purchasing the
two-player $€ 99 Core Starter Set, a FREE Expansion set of Steel Legion and Marksman Clones Regiments (total
value $€ 72) will automatically be added to the order, offering a strong boost to both players’ armies.
Launching on September 13 and running until December, the Path of Conquest will allow players to:
• Benefit from the “Begin your Path of Conquest” 2 player Core Starter Set offer, adding one Steel Legion
and one Marksman Clones Regiment Expansions (total worth $€ 72) to each Box purchase.
• learn everything about the starting four factions, their mechanics, their lore, assembly tips, help in picking
color schemes, simple list building and the devising of more complex strategies.
• learn all about factions other than your own, become privy to all their little secrets and see what to expect
on the field.
• Gain achievements and grow your place in the Conquest Community.
• Gain rewards such as Founder Series items, signed hardback Conquest Companion and even a place in
Conquest’s lore!
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