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The results of the Kinderspiel Des Jahres (Awards of the best board game for children in Germany) have been released and Panic Mansion didn’t win it. In any case, we are proud of the nomination in a such prestigious selection and we will continue to make fun, simple and smart games. Well done to the winner Funkelschatz and to the other nominated game Emojito! 
Panic Mansion make use of several skills: dexterity, speed and quick thinking. With its artistic universe, and rich components kids love it, but grown up to! It’s an innovative game through the twist in the use of meeples and its original mechanic.
Well done to Emojito and Funkelschatz. Thank you to our German partner Asmodee and of course to the Asmodee and Blue Orange team which contributed to this success. Also, we must not forget the authors and the illustrator who put their trust in us.

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