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Palladium Books® Update – April 5, 2019

By Kevin Siembieda

One game system – every genre – countless worlds – endless adventure

Last 4 Days – Megaverse® Insider – Rifts® Bestiary™ Vol. One – EXCLUSIVE items available ONLY IN THIS OFFER

Time is running out to get the PDF of the Rifts® Bestiary Vol. One six months before everyone else. And the two collector hardcovers and many items are made to order EXCLUSIVELY for the Megaverse® Insider! You cannot get them later. Only during the Insider offer. And your LAST CHANCE is now thru Monday at

The color hardcover and the Crimson Hardcover (signed and numbered), for example, are ONLY available to those of you who order them as Megaverse® Insider items (plus a few dozen extra for staff, friends and special promotions). The few books that may find their way onto Ebay afterward will cost you much MORE than what they are selling for here and now, if you can even find them later at all. Only from — Last 4 days to order! This offer will not be extended. FYI: The hardcovers make outstanding gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. All available soon.

What is a Megaverse® Insider Offer?

Besides fun and unique opportunities rarely available to the average gamer, the Rifts® Bestiary Megaverse® Insider gives you the chance to get one or more of the following, depending on which item or bundle(s) you purchase. But do it fast because you only have FOUR DAYS left before this deal ends.

Summary of Megaverse® Insider Items for Rifts® Bestiary™ Vol. One

Note: Please read the full store description or the March 22 Weekly Update for complete details and to avoid any possible misunderstanding. We know many of you are probably new to the Megaverse Insider Offer and we do not want you to miss out. Offer ends April 8, 2019, and some bundles are limited to just one or a dozen.

- Inside Help: $5 – Cat. No. 12031 – (Name listed in the book)

- In Memoriam: $5 – Cat. No. 12032 – (Name listed in the book)

- A “Real” Character Tribute: $10 – Cat. No. 12033 – (Character’s name listed in the book)

- Cyber-Insider (PDF of book only): $16 – Cat. No. 12034 – (Name listed in the book + the bookmarked PDF at least 6 months before it is made available to the general public)
- Palladium Insider: $50 – Cat. No. 12035 – (Name listed in the book + you get one Limited Edition Hardcover Edition – Color Cover)

- Crimson Beast Insider: $75 – Cat. No. 12036 – (Name listed in the book + you get one signed and numbered, Limited Edition “Crimson Beast” Collector’s Hardcover)

- Enhanced Crimson Beast Insider: $90 – Cat. No. 12037 – (Name listed in the book + you get the PDF + signed and numbered, Limited Edition “Crimson Beast” Collector’s Hardcover)

- Top Insider: $145 – Cat. No. 12038 – (Name listed in the book + you get both limited edition hardcover books, signed, PDF, dragon head sketch, print)

- Ultimate Insider: $200 – Cat. No. 12039 – (Name listed in the book + you get both hardcover books signed, PDF, Siembieda dragon head sketch, Walton monster sketch in book, 5 prints, 2 Raw Editions)

- ONLY 3 Left! Benefactor: $500 – LIMITED to 12 Benefactors – Cat. No. 12040 – (Name listed in the book + you get both hardcover books signed, PDF, Siembieda dragon head sketch, Walton monster sketch in book, something Top Secret, 10 prints, your name as an unstatted character in the book, AND an original concept art sketch)

- SOLD OUT! Ultimate Benefactor: $1,400 – LIMITED to ONE – Cat. No. RB-UB1 – Name listed in the book + you get both hardcover books signed, PDF, Siembieda dragon head sketch, Walton monster sketch in book, something Top Secret, 10 prints, your name as an unstatted character in the book, 2 original concept art sketches – the original pencil art of the cover – AND you get to create a creature to appear in Rifts® Bestiary Two!)

Offer ENDS in 4 days – Monday, April 8. Many items are very limited and exclusive to this offer.

Many items, like the two hardcover editions, should become instant collectibles worth more than what you paid for them. Why? Because if our Megaverse Insiders only purchase 220 copies, or 50 copies, then that (plus a few dozen for staff, friends and special promotions) is ALL we are printing. There are no more to be printed. Not ever. This is it. ONLY those of you Insiders who buy one or two (plus the few dozen extra for Palladium’s own use) have a copy of that super-rare, super-limited, exclusive hardcover!

That makes you a true “insider” and the item special and rare. Since this is the only print run and there are so few printed, the resale market value should be instantly more than what you paid for it. The Palladium RPG® Crimson Hardcover and the original Rifts® Gold Hardcover sell for $300-$600 on the collectors’ market, and they had press runs of 500 and 600 copies, respectively. (FYI: The Rifts® Ultimate Gold Edition had a press run of 1,500 copies and it still regularly commands three and four times the original selling price.) Note: We may also do a limited Gold Edition available to the public, separate from the two super-limited hardcovers in this Insider offer, or not. Haven’t decided yet.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: ALL of these items are only available during these last remaining 4 days. Most will NEVER BE OFFERED AGAIN. THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO GET MANY OF THEM. Offer ends April 8, 2018. And a few bundles are limited. See for complete details.

ORDERING the Megaverse® Insider – The Megaverse® Insider is hosted on from now thru April 8. You make advance purchases of the select Megaverse® Insider offers exactly the same way you would place any online order for a game or sourcebook from the Palladium Books store. Each item has its own catalog number, price and page at the Palladium Books online store. Note: Some higher tier items are limited in number, we hope you understand. For telephone orders, call 734-721-2903 (order line only).

You can order as many different items as you’d like, and you can place multiple orders for the same item, with only two exceptions.

Please spread the word to your gaming friends and collectors, and post about it online wherever you can think of – because this offer ENDS April 8, 2019. Become a Megaverse® Insider.

COMING SOON: Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume One

This is the first big “Monster Book” reference ever done for Rifts®. Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume One collects nearly 100 animals, and offers more than a dozen new beasts found across North America. Presented in alphabetical order with the first third or half appearing in the 224-256 page Volume One, and the rest appearing in Volume Two. Actually, we may need a Volume Three because there are so many monsters and exotic animals in Rifts North America alone! Each is highly detailed and expanded, offering adventure ideas, and accompanied with a map that shows were they can be encountered, at a glance.

Rifts® Bestiary™ Volume One is nearing completion. There are only the last couple dozen creatures requiring updating and final writing, the finishing of the maps for each, then layout and printing. As soon as it arrives back from the printer, we ship it to you!

All upcoming Rifts® Bestiary™ books will be great resources for players and G.M.s alike, with creatures that can be used as familiars, pets, riding animals, guard animals, and in some cases, even unlikely allies. Others are slobbering monsters or ravenous predators who include humans and D-Bees among their prey. All will give you plenty of spice to add to your characters and adventures. And each has a map that shows at a glance exactly where to find these beasts.
  Monsters and animals of Rifts North America organized into two (maybe three) big, easy to use sourcebooks.
  Updated descriptions and information for existing monsters.
  Updated and uniform stat blocks.
  New predators, exotic riding animals, beasts of burden, alien horrors, giant insects and more.
  A map for every creature showing where it is found.
  Easily adapted to any Palladium setting; basic S.D.C. stats included for each creature description.
  Fully illustrated, with art by Charles Walton II, Ramon Perez, Siembieda and many others. Written by Kevin Siembieda.
  224-256 pages each volume – $29.99 retail – Cat. No. 896 (Volume One) – in final production. April release (tentative).

April is turning into a big month for Palladium Books®

- Last 4 days to get the Rifts® Bestiary™ Vol. One Megaverse® Insider to get any of the cool, EXCLUSIVE items available ONLY in this offer. Most will not be offered anywhere else, including the two hardcover editions printed to only what you order (plus a few dozen extra for Palladium staff, friends and special promotions)! Some items, like the limited Benefactor, are almost sold out – only 3 left (limited to 12 total)! The entire offer is doing fantastic thanks to your support.

- A new Rifts® iOS sticker was added by Apollo Okamura on Tuesday. A Rogue Scholar based off someone you might recognize. (Thanks, Apollo. You are too kind.)

- Something exciting is coming to DriveThru. Details soon.

- A NEW Rifts® Savage Worlds Kickstarter from Pinnacle Entertainment is launching April 16. Their goal is to fund 3 new sourcebooks and to update the 3 core rule books! All of the sourcebooks are based in North America. The three new Adventure Sourcebooks are Empire of Humanity™, Arcana & Mysticism™ and Blood and Banes™ (Vampire Kingdoms).

- Rifts® Bestiary™ Vol. One should go to the printer this month.

- New Rifts® baseball caps will be available from later this month.

- New Rifts® and Palladium Fantasy RPG® coffee mugs will be available from later this month.

– New Palladium Fantasy RPG® online character sheets will be available from later this month.

- I’ll be diving into finishing In the Face of Death™ for Dead Reign® and The Rifter® #83 later this month.

Exciting stuff, right? All kinds of things are happening at Palladium this April. So keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you for your continuing support on DriveThruRPG and in regard to the Megaverse® Insider offer and sales. Our hearts swell to see so much excitement over Rifts® Bestiary™ Vol. One and the Megaverse® Insider offer for it. It is emotionally uplifting for us all as well as financially helpful to Palladium Books. You will not be disappointed.

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