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I hope you are ready to buckle up and enjoy the ride, because April has just gotten that much more exciting, with one epic Rifts® based sale event after another, as well as new products. The Megaverse® Insider has ended, but the excitement continues and only gets wilder throughout the month of April. Check out what’s happening just this week. And there is more to come.

NEW! Two Rifts® Bundles of Holding – available now. The completely new Rifts® “Phase World®” Bundle AND the return of the popular Rifts® Essentials Bundle. What’s a Bundle of Holding? A way to get bundles of PDF Rifts® titles at a huge discount and help out a charity at the same time. Allen Varney launched both on Tuesday. Act now, because the sooner you buy in, the lower the price! This is the special offer I said was coming soon in the last Update. See complete Rifts® Bundle of Holding details below and please spread the word.

NEW! Rifts® LOGO 16 Ounce Coffee Mug – $10.99 retail – Cat. No. 2587 – Available now.

NEW! Rifts® Property of the Coalition States™ 16 Ounce Coffee Mug – $10.99 retail – Cat. No. 2588 – Available now.

NEW! Palladium Fantasy RPG® “Dragon” 16 Ounce Coffee Mug – $10.99 retail – Cat. No. 2589 – Available now.

NEW! Rifts® Screen Printed 100% Twill Baseball Cap – Red “Rifts” printed on black cap, adjustable Velcro® closure – $11.99 retail – Cat. No. 2590 – Available now.

NEW! Red Rifts® Embroidered soft, brushed cotton Baseball Cap – Embroidered Red “Rifts” on black cap, adjustable metal buckle – $21.99 retail – Cat. No. 2591 – looks great, nice fit – Available now.

NEW! White Rifts® Logo “embroidered” cotton Baseball Cap – Embroidered White “Rifts” on navy blue cap, adjustable metal buckle – $21.99 retail – Cat. No. 2592 – looks great, nice fit – Available now!

Coming: Rifts® Bestiary Volume One, Palladium Fantasy Character Sheets, In the Face of Death, and a whole lot more.

Last, but not least, our thanks to all of our Megaverse Insiders! The Rifts® Bestiary™ Vol. One Megaverse® Insider was a complete success. We nearly sold out of the Benefactors and did sell out the Ultimate Benefactor, and your support brought in enough to cover the printing cost of this big, comprehensive Rifts®monster book in its soft-cover and various hardcover editions. We’ll do another Megaverse® Insider for Rifts® Bestiary™ Vol. Two in a few months, and other select book releases. And there is more to come. So please keep your eyes peeled and spread the word about the two awesome Bundles of Holding, new releases, upcoming sales, and how much you enjoy Palladium products. Thanks.

NEW! 2 Rifts® Bundles of Holding – available now

The sooner you buy in, the better the deal and bigger the savings. So do not delay! Plus you help a worthy charity. For each Bundle, you can pay the minimum price to get all the titles in that offer's Starter Collection. HOWEVER, if you pay more than that offer's threshold (average) price, you also get all the titles in that offer's Bonus Collection.

Bundle #1: Rifts® “Phase World®” Bundle of Holding – now thru April 29, 2019

The all-new Rifts® Phase World® Bundle presents the standalone sub-setting of space opera adventure across the Three Galaxies, and beyond. (Also see the Rifts® Essentials Bundle, available now.)

The Rifts® “Phase World®” STARTER Collection (US $9.95 – total value $49.50). For just US $9.95 you get five Phase World®/Three Galaxies Dimension Books, below, in this offer’s Starter Collection.


Rifts® “Phase World®” BONUS COLLECTION (threshold currently $25.53 – retail value $135.50).

If you pay more than this offer's threshold (average) price ($25.53 when we post this, but the longer you wait, the higher it will go), you will level up and also get this offer's ENTIRE Bonus Collection with nine more supplements and sourcebooks worth an additional $86. Total retail value: $135.50.

Remember, if you haven't already purchased the Rifts Essentials Bundle with the core rule book and key supplements, start there first!

Bundle #2: Rifts® “Essentials” – now thru April 29, 2019

It is called the Rifts® “Essentials” Bundle because it contains everything you need to play or start a campaign.

If you have never played Rifts®, the Essentials Bundle gives you plenty to get rolling.

If you are a long-time Rifts® fan, you get the Rifts® Ultimate Edition RPG and other “core” books to have available as a digital reference.

Rifts® Savage Worlds® players, this is a great way to learn more about the world and incorporate new elements and surprises into your game.

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