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By Kevin Siembieda

Hi everyone, I will keep this brief. You may have heard that the governors of a number of states have issued “Stay at Home” orders. As of today, Michigan is one of them. And Palladium Books is located in Michigan. HOWEVER, we will continue to ship product for as long as we can. So you can continue to place orders! Hopefully for the entire duration of this health crisis.

When I first started Palladium Books, I did everything including packing and shipping orders. All businesses get to have one or a few essential people “to maintain minimum operations.” Well, that will be me and Wayne. So it looks like I’m back to where I started. Doing it all, including the packing and shipping of orders. lol. That’s fine by me. So please keep the orders coming. In fact, we need you to, in order to insure Palladium Books can survive the madness surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you so very much for your continued support. I pray that all of you are doing as well as can be expected, both financially and healthwise. Please stay home, stay safe, and try not to let all of this uncertainty, scariness, and financial burden get you down too badly. Remember, we are all in this together and I have your backs, just like I know you have Palladium’s.

I am pleased to report that for the time being, we are all feeling fine and as far as we know, we are all healthy and virus free. Let’s hope it stays that way as we keep to ourselves and our travels to a minimum.

BACK IN STOCK and available now

Adventures on the High Seas™ (Fantasy), Cat. No. 455 – A big, fun book that sets sail around the known world and visits a dozen island ports including the Isle of the Cyclops, Y-Oda, Zy, the Four Sisters, Forbidden Island, the Floenry Islands, and others, each offering adventure opportunities, plus 12 O.C.C.s, character sheets, ships, Demon Black Ships, and more.

Civilization Gone™, a Dead Reign® sourcebook, Cat. No. 231 – Epic source material, a few variant zombies, 12 madmen and psychopaths including the Zombie Lover and Zombie Master, plus Bandits, Raiders, street gangs, house random encounter tables, and more. So much packed into this sourcebook.

BACK IN STOCK tomorrow or Wednesday

Monsters and Animals™ (Fantasy), Cat. No. 454 – 120+ monsters, 200+ animals. Suitable for almost any setting from Fantasy and Heroes Unlimited™ to Rifts® and Phase World®.

Armageddon Unlimited™ (Heroes Unlimited™), Cat. No. 527 – Can you stop the mad genius Doctor Vilde from bringing the Minion War and the end of the world to the Earth of HU2? New powers, new magic weapons, the Heroic Hellion, NPC villains, adventure, and more.

Rifts® World Book 3: Rifts® England, Cat. No. 807 – Strange creatures and monsters, Chiang-Ku dragon, magic wands and staves, Temporal Wizard and Raider, Temporal Magic, herbs, Nexus Knights, King Arthur and more.

Rifts® Merc Ops™, Cat. No. 865 – The name kinda says it all, merc jobs and job brokers, bounties, the 10 Most Wanted, weapons and gear. SALE

All Fantasy RPG PDF titles – With Garden of the Gods™ getting so many of you excited about Palladium Fantasy, and with more new sourcebooks in the pipeline, we thought we would put all PDF titles for Palladium Fantasy RPG® game line on sale. Btw, that includes the 1st Edition and current edition rule books and sourcebooks, the G.M. Kit and the paper miniatures. Sale runs thru March 24, 2020.

PDF Products – COMING your way in the weeks ahead. Nearing the completion stage of final editing is the third Rifts® novel: Treacherous Awakenings™. This is the book everyone has been waiting for! The dynamic and satisfying conclusion of the trilogy. It wraps up all the loose ends and will finally be available in PDF form after being out of print for many years. We also have a new Rifts® novel in the pipeline from Will Erwin, Duty’s Edge™. And we have not forgotten about collecting The Hammer of the Forge™ (cosmic adventure across Phase World® and the Three Galaxies).

Extended Rifts® Bestiary Volume 2 Megaverse® Insider Offer

The Rifts® Bestiary Volume 2 Megaverse® Insider Offer continues thru the end of the month, and we may also make it available again for a week or two when things simmer down in a few months.

That’s all for now. Stay frosty and keep those imaginations burning bright.

– Kevin Siembieda, Game Designer, Writer, & Gamer

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