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New Kobold Press Hardcover Available for Preorder!

Begin your journey through a dark world of deep magic with a new hardcover from Kobold Press. The Midgard Players Guide is now available for preorder!

The Midgard Players Guide includes everything you need to find adventure in the wind-swept plains, frozen crags, and magic-blasted wastes of Midgard—a dark fantasy world flavored with the myths and folklore of Central Europe.

This 176-page hardcover includes:

Match wits with Baba Yaga, cross swords with minotaur corsairs, and travel to the Shadow Roads to the glittering courts of the fey. There's no better time to be a Midgardian hero!

To celebrate, Kobold Press has put the wonderful Halls of the Mountain King adventure on sale for only $9.99—through January 14th. This 160-page adventure is an homage to all the great delves, from the Mines of Moria on—with a few new twists.

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