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A Land Chained in Shadow!

New Pathfinder Campaign Setting Release!

Ten thousand years ago, faced with extinction, the terrified leaders of Nidal heard whispers in their minds—promises of salvation for their nation if only they'd submit their people's bodies and souls to perpetual servitude. Those leaders' assent transformed them into conduits for Zon-Kuthon, the god of envy and pain, and has sealed Nidal's fate to this day.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Nidal, Land of Shadows draws back the curtain from one of Golarion's most wicked and mysterious theocracies. Within these pages, you'll find:

Interested in learning more about Nidal? Check out the Pathfinder Module: The Midnight Mirror—along with two Pathfinder Tales featuring the nation—Nightglass and Nightblade!

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