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River Horse are proud to announce the digital release of Print and Play files for Wave 1 of Pacific Rim:Extinction. The .STL files are available from DriveThruRPG.

Each of the models' .STL files come with everything you need to play, The Con-pods, Upgrade cards, Mutation cards, Pilot cards, Signatures and Action cards.

Remember that Wave 2 and Wave 3 are also available on DriveThruRPG!
About Pacific Rim:Extinction

Pacific Rim: Extinction is a scenario-driven, tabletop miniatures strategy game of city-wide destruction and chaos of epic proportions. With fantastically detailed and painted 75mm scale miniatures of the iconic Jaegers – mechanical guardians of humanity – and Kaiju – monsters the size of mountains sent from beyond our world – it captures the spectacular conflict of the Pacific Rim universe and places it in the palm of your hands.

Players will be able to jump right into the action as either the PPDC Jaegers or the Kaiju, either in a quick play match of intense combat, or a more constructed battle with both Jaegers and Kaiju using all their skills and abilities to achieve an objective.

The goal of the game is different depending on which side you choose to fight with. As a Kaiju player, you’ll uncover a secret objective at the start of the game. To win, you’ll need to meet this objective, ideally without revealing what it is to the Jaeger player too early. As a Jaeger player, your goal is to fulfil the PPDC’s task: the protection of humanity. You’ll need to defend cities as Kaiju trample them, and take down the immense invaders.

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What's in the Wave 1 release?

There are eight models available in Wave 2. Here's a quick look!
Gipsy Avenger
Gipsy avenger is part of the starter set, alongside Shrikethorn these exclusive models.
Gipsy Danger
The legendary Jaeger Gipsy Danger turns the tide! A shining beacon of courage, this Mark-3 veteran brings to bear pulse cannon, rocket elbow and chain sword against the Kaiju threat.
Shrikethorn is a starter set model, allowing a one-on-one battle to get started. 
He did not come
The living earthquake Hakuja burrows into the fight! Part biological tank, part siege weapon, this Category IV Kaiju moves through the ground to unleash ruinous attacks on unsuspecting targets.
Obsidian Fury
The sinister warrior Obsidian Fury is unleashed! Bristling with weapons, this titanic mech is able to overpower and brutally destroy almost any Jaeger in the PPDC fleet. Can anything stop this menace?
Saber Athena
The hyper-agile Mark-6 Jaeger Saber Athena leaps into action! Equipped with mechrobatic J-Tech upgrades and fusing Twin Plasma Swords, Saber Athena takes the fight to the enemy.
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Pacific Rim: Extinction
Cancelling the Apocalypse!
by Mischief Wargaming

Check out this great in-game video by YouTube channel Mischief Wargaming!
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ChillCon - Sheffield - 20th August 2022
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