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De Re Militari Delivers 'Strategy' To Huge Medieval Battles

You can see the new trailer here:

London, UK, 10th October 2017 - Green Man Gaming Publishing and Warlock Wireless announce that the largest update for ‘Of Kings And Men’, the medieval combat game, is now available for all players. The De Re Militari update delivers the first iteration on a strategic mode that allows players to join clans and plan battles, then take to the battlefield in realistic first or third person combat.

Of Kings and Men has been in Early Access for just over 12 months, during which it has received a number of updates that have improved the base game, overhauled the progression systems, improved combat and introduced new maps and new modes for players to hone their skills in battle. 

With the release of the De Re Militari update, the game introduces a strategic layer. Players gather with their clan mates to plan battles and conquer territories, with the goal of becoming the dominant kingdom. Siege castles, raid villages, and plan strategic partnerships with other clans to claim victory.

Other new features introduced since the game launched on Early Access includes a new lobby, stores to purchase new equipment for your character; Hold Your Ground, a cooperative mode that sees players fight against waves of enemies; and The Arena, a free for all battle over treasure chests filled with loot.

"The development team have worked incredibly hard over the past few months to deliver a much requested feature from the community. We're confident players are going to enjoy the beginning of this new era for Of Kings And Men, and we look forward to the team delivering further exciting updates," said Gary Rowe, EVP Publishing at Green Man Gaming.

Game Description

Persistent Medieval War

Air thick with the stench of death. Bleeding hands fumbling over heavy, rusted swords. The sharp swish of an arrow as it pierces the air. The cry of a dying warrior, his scarred arms flailing as he crashes down against the dirt. He cries for help, but it is muffled by the sound of combat. No one can save him. 

This is life now in medieval Europe. War has arrived.

Join the ranks. Don’t back down. Slaughter, or be slaughtered.

Key Features

Our featured De Re Militari mode allows you to experience a real-time medieval war campaign set in a persistent world. Now you can gather your clan, plan your attack, and brace yourself against the enemy. 

Join a team and work your way up the ranks as you battle it out with up to 150 other players in a fight. Learn the ropes, and someday you might even try your hand at leading your own army...

Experience a realistic combat system based on the study of historical European martial arts and medieval manuscripts. Fight with a fast-paced, intuitive combat system that will leave your heart pounding.

Meet and chat with fellow players in our Lobby. Socialize and get to know one another by choosing to play in fun modes, or risk you life by venturing into the wilderness in search of adventure. 

Level up in combat, and choose which stat points to upgrade. Make enemies cower in the face of your strength as they tremble under the ferocity of your sword. Or maybe you're quick and nimble, preferring to snigger at your foes as you pierce them with your arrows from afar. You are in control. 

Unlock new gear, from full plate armor to two-handed swords. Create and customize your own unique warrior. Stand out, and make them remember you. 

Draw your sword, and march forth into battle with your head held high. It's time to claim your place as the most powerful lord of the realm.  

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