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No Truce With The Furies is an isometric role-playing game for PC with a genre-bent setting where literary fiction meets sci-fi/fantasy. Inspired by titles like Planescape: Torment and Kentucky Route Zero, No Truce With The Furies tells a detective story where every piece of dialogue — big, small, or even unspoken — has a considerable lasting effect on the world. Developer ZA/UM has spent the better part of the last fifteen years creating the world behind No Truce With The Furies, crafting a narrative-driven experience made uniquely possible through the interactive role-playing genre. 

Explore the gorgeous seaside city of Revachol as a disgraced detective lieutenant and solve one last murder case that’s rooted deeply within the city’s core. Shape the type of law officer you want to be through No Truce With The Furies’ twenty-four unique and finely crafted skills that represent real human psyche and physique. Expect absurd new heights of story combat as action is handled through quick-witted dialogue which can steer your moral compass in any direction. Wander inside a representation of your mind in the metaphysical Thought Cabinet to examine your own doubts, conflicts and memories, guiding your in-game dialogue choices. The role-playing game is an emergent art form — and ZA/UM is set to light it on fire.

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