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Are you a hardcore Looney Labs fan? Have you ever relished in the enthusiasm of Andy Looney as he talked about some of his favorite things? Did you know Andy Looney and his game designer pal Keith Baker have their very own podcast? If your answer to any of these questions is yes and/or no (and possibly maybe), then you need to listen to: The Download!

Andy (the creator of Looney Labs' legendary catalog of games) and Keith (the designer of such awesome games as Gloom, Illimat, and the upcoming Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game) have been friends for over 30 years. When Keith moved far away, the two started talking once a week about their lives. The Download, as they called their weekly conversations, was perfect to adapt into a podcast. So they did! Listen to The Download, and you'll hear Andy and Keith talk about all sorts of things, from the physics of superpowers (Episode 36), to time travel (Episode 52), to game design (Episode 72). And, of course, loads more. As Andy and Keith say all the time, "Fair enough!"

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In February, before Math Fluxx was released, we asked you, our fans, to preorder the game for yourself or a loved one (or both) - to actively go into your local game store and ask them to make sure you had a copy. You did and you know what? Game stores loved it! So first, thank you for buying our games and supporting your local game store. And second, let's do it all over again! This time, ask for Chemistry Fluxx!

Chemistry Fluxx is the newest Fluxx and will be in stores on May 25. Chemistry is the perfect vehicle for a new game of Fluxx. Elements are the perfect Keepers and combining them to reach goals just makes sense! If the Goal is Salt (AKA: Sodium Chloride), naturally you'll need the Keepers Sodium and Chlorine. Plus, Chemistry Fluxx has one of the coolest Rules of all time: Helium Effect. When the Helium Effect Rule is in play, whoever has the Helium Keeper has to talk in a high squeaky voice.

So, make sure to get to your local game store and preorder a copy of Chemistry Fluxx. To find your local game store, click here!

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