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NEW fantasy releases 

Tiger Battle SoundSet:  It's a tiger! It goes "ROAR". It wants to eat you for dinner. It already ate the halfling. What's more to say?

Gug Battle SoundSet:  This delightful creature makes the perfect addition to any dinner party. Fascinating anecdotes about the challenges of coordinating four hands and a massive vertically aligned mouth are sure to be followed closely by the screams of horror and disembowelment of all but the most sprightly of guests. That'll certainly make for an evening to remember!

Debauched Gala SoundSet:  This rich SoundSet is perfect for any city based roleplay heavy campaign. A busy gala filled with obsequious sycophants and malevolent manipulative predators. Just about any decision your Players might make is sure to end them up in hot water... one way or another. "And where did I pick up that strange burning sensation?!"

Voonith Battle SoundSet: This brightly colored, long-necked amphibian has six legs, a fanged snout, and numerous finlets running down its spine.  Oh and it also has a howl that will freeze the blood. Altogether a lovely creature. Combine this SoundSet with the "River Journey" and you'll have your players wishing they'd stayed on land after all. 

River Journey SoundSet: Everything you need for a river-based adventure. A busy docks: a busy dock, sounds of good saiing during the day, the creaking of hammocks below deck, the quiet of a safe anchorage at night, an eerie becalming fog. Now just add a few a bit of crew politics and a smattering of monsters and you've got an adventure session to remember.

Nightgaunt Battle SoundSet: Nightgaunts haunt the deepest and darkest chasms of dreams. They lurk in the shadows that loom at the edges of sane slumber, but are ready at any moment to snatch a blithe dreamer away, carrying it off into realms of endless nightmare and tickling it terribly all the way.

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