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Playful Easter

Pegasus Games wishes you a Happy Easter with the new products Sheep & Thief and Santo Domingo


Friedberg, April 13, 2017: With the two family games Sheep & Thief and Santo Domingo to begin a long, playful Easter weekend. While in Sheep & Thief the smart card is Draften and disengaging (24,95 Euros EIA) at the center, wherein is Santo Domingo (9.95 Euros EIA) and risky bluff gambled.

At Sheep Thief & Yuichi Sakashita two to four players leave from eight years of their landscape elements to gather the sheep shown on connecting the cities with paths and to extend the rivers. The planning is not easy, because the cards are passed on in turn, after each player has selected a landscape part of his hand cards. Are all hand cards distributed, they are designed in turn. Who still manages to drive his sheep with the dogs in the next stall before a player moves the fox, can look forward to many victory points. Sheep & Thief convinces not only with an original game design, but also with lovely illustrations and a good dose of humor.

Located in the gaming world of Port Royal , the two to six players must even in Santo Domingo take some risks and make tricky decisions. Supported by captains, governors, merchants and other important people, the players try to sell their goods and obtain most seal and so the greatest glory. Each player has an identical set of action cards with values from one to eight on hand and plays in each round covered a card. Then the cards are revealed and counted in ascending order. But beware: If everyone puts the same card, remains for all not much. A game of Santo Domingo by Stefan Ries Thaus decided in 20 to 50 exciting minutes.

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