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It’s Harvest Time!   Pegasus Spiele introduces My Farm Shop

In My Farm Shop designer Rüdiger Dorn masterfully combines dice and resource management with a charming, pastoral theme to sow a little friendly competition in this catchy new family game from Pegasus Spiele.

Bring a bountiful harvest to market and reap the rewards of your hard work in My Farm Shop! All players start the game with a small farm and a dream of running the best little market stall in town. Fields generate only basic and limited goods in the beginning, but there are abundant opportunities for modifying future yeilds! Each turn, the active player rolls three dice and selects the value shown on one die to collect the upgrade card in the corresponding space on the market board. The player then immediately places this card onto their Farm Player board as a field improvement. Then, the sum total of the two remaining dice is calculated and every player gets to harvest the field of that number, gaining resources that can then be sold in their market stall. The farmer who generates the most money wins!

My Farm Shop is a race to build the most profitable farming operation. Making sure you develop a flourishing farm involves a fun mix of dice-rolling and strategy that keeps every player involved, every turn. A large amount of extension cards and modules help to keep the game fresh with many variable setup options. Including a „Jump Start“ module that simplifies the farm improvement process, a „Farmer“ module that offers new ways to increase their farm’s efficiency, and a „Goals“ module that introduces a new level of challenge for local farmers through community organized contests!

My Farm Shop is designed for 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up. It is expected to be hitting stores in North America in early November. My Farm Shop is already available in Europe.


At Essen SPIEL (14-17 October´21) there will be demo rounds of My Farm Shop at the Pegasus Spiele booth 3-M110 as well as at the Pegasus Spiele discord server (Service times (EST): Thursday and Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday 4 a.m.-4 p.m., Sunday 4 a.m.-12 p.m.).







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