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Come together and stop the world from ending – again. Today on October 29, Free League Publishing have released The Gray Death, an epic campaign module for the multiple award-winning post-apocalyptic Mutant: Year Zero roleplaying game.

The door to the laboratory slid shut with a hiss. The battle was over, and the short man wiped a fleck of greenish fluid from his face. The lights in the ceiling flickered and cast a bleak glow over the fallen individuals on the floor in front of him. The man’s two accomplices – one immense and mechanical, the other shadowy – awaited new instructions.

“It is done,” the short man said.

“We have no time to lose. It is time to set our plan into motion. Soon, the entire Zone will be at our feet.”

The Gray Death is a 96-page full-color hardback book that takes the stories in Mutant: Year Zero and its expansions Genlab Alpha, Mechatron, and Elysium and ties them all together. Mutants, animals, robots and humans must put their differences aside and unite against a common threat to the world at the end of days.

Free League Publishing

The Gray Death can be found in the Free League webshop, where there is also a massive sale on previous Mutant: Year Zero products – up to 50% off! The Gray Death can also be found in well-stocked hobby stores everywhere.

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