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The big news is that we are getting close to launching our first games! After a HUGE amount of feedback from our horde of playtesters, here's where each of them are:


In Knossus you play a hero from Athens, entering the Labyrinth to slay the minotaur, and have some fun harassing your friends along the way! It's definitely the furthest along and the one we will release first. Its been streamlined for multi language release and the rules are now locked, artwork complete, prototypes tested exhaustively.....

We're lucky enough to have the brilliant Kate and Joel Finch of Unfair fame designing the rulebook for us so coupled with our illustrator, James Colmer (Manhattan Project) and sculptor extraordinaire, Laslo Forgach, we've got a pretty dream team with all work largely done.
We are debating publishing with a small run, or Kickstarter to get a bigger run and hopefully some stretch goals in (for example additional monsters and sculpts for both heroes and additional monsters). If you've seen the minotaur sculpt you'll know why this is a big deal for us! Tell us what you think....
Aim is to release Q1 2018, hopefully for UKGE2018, so need to get our skates on making review copies for YouTube (watch this space).

Right now we urgently need your help

We need to get as many eyes on the game as possible to get the most complete product at launch as we can - to do that we want to hit the top 20 charts in the Historical and Family category list on Boardgame Geek:  GIVE US A THUMBS UP ON BOARDGAMEGEEK!


Dojo is a one on one, fast paced karate sparring game. We're currently working on different styles so you can pick the martial art that suits you best - balancing the various effects is the main focus. Its playing really well and artwork largely complete for the Karate deck so expecting to see this in Q1 2018 too (and hopefully for sale at UKGE 2018!)

Other games in progress:

The Potteries - our auction based, victorian entrepreneur themed game. Revising artwork and production pieces along with overall game pacing. Quite advanced so should see rapid progress in 2018 with a target of Q2/Q3
Spies with Bowties - tongue in cheek cold war espionage game balancing lasers, sharks, volcano bases and megayachts. Working on game pacing and completing the remaining artwork - targeting Q2/Q3 2018.
Rock Gods - manage a rock band to fame and fortune, whilst trying to keep them out of jail and the 27 club. Played really well at SPIEL2017 so now working on the feedback received and an artwork refresh.
Ludus Magnus - run a gladiatorial school in ancient Rome. This is in early stages but playing well and a relatively deep game. Needs plenty more balancing work and much more thorough playtesting. Expect to see this further refined in 2018 and currently a target of Q1 2019
One Big Score - Brit gangster themed game. Currently in first stage this space :)










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