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Greetings Mortals,

It’s time to experience the world’s most immersive sandbox MMORPG completely free of charge one last time!

Starting on the 6th of September we will open the flood gates once more, inviting the people of the world to experience Mortal Online 2 for free while pushing our servers to the limit one last time while we prepare for release on October 26th.

Click here to learn more about the final stress test and how you can participate:

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Arachnophobes beware

The latest patch brings new dungeons to delve, creatures to catch or kill, secrets to uncover, armor and weapons to craft, skills to train and a much more intuitive new player experience.

We also squashed a mountain of bugs, added some much needed polish and introduced loads of new content. 

Read the full patch notes on our website:

See you in nave,

Star Vault Development Team
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